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The food's terrible, but 'no one eats it for the taste, that's for sure.'
~ Fssh

The Grog n' Dog is a bar in Murder Bay, Havaria. Fssh, an old friend of Sal's, is the current proprietor and Bartender. Fssh lets Sal stay at the bar while Sal prepares her move on Kashio and provides her with work, food, and drinks in the meantime. The Grog is apparently running a side angle, as no one comes for the food.


The Grog serves as Sal's temporary base of operations during her tenure at Murder Bay. As such, Sal can sleep, manage pet(s), and change her outfit here.

As the Bartender, Fssh sells restorative drinks and food, which already comes at a 25% Discount. On the menu are:

  • 22 Shill Drinks, which restore 10 Resolve and insert Tipsy and Slurred Speech into your Battle and Negotiation Decks, respectively.
  • 22 Shill Meals, which restore 15 Health and insert Bloated into your Battle Deck. These cannot be bought if Sal has 3+ Bloated.
  • Three Item Cards based around Food and Drugs, which can be bought one at a time.

Sal can also befriend Patrons (but not the bouncer or Night Merchants) to make them Like Sal by buying them a drink for 45 Shills. This also has the same effects as buying a normal drink, so you can kill two Vrocs with one grenade.


The bouncer, a Smuggler, is always present.

Before leaving on Day 1, there are no other guests. Otherwise, there are 2 guests in the day, and 4 guests at night. Unlike other enterprises, guests from all factions involved in Sal's Story can appear here. This includes the Admiralty, Spree, Jakes, Cult of Hesh, Bilebrokers, and Civilians. A unique event involving a Rise Rebel can also potentially be encountered here.

In the evening of Day 1, two of the Night Merchants Endo, Phroluk 'Of the Beasts', Plocka 'The Swab', and Rake offer a quest. If Sal accepts the request of one merchant, the other will dislike her.